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IVM Fax Transfer


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Hi all,


I have setup a SPA-3102 adapter and connected my fax machine to it. I would like to make sure that calls answered by IVM which are fax calls to be transferred to the fax machine so that I can receive the fax. Is this possible? I've been looking around in IVM help and the forum to find out how I could set up the fax transfer. There seems to be an option for this but I just can't seem to find it.


Any help is much appreciated.



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From the help file:

If you run a fax machine on the same line, IVM can trigger your fax machine to turn on when IVM detects a fax tone. After your fax machine is turned on IVM hangs up.


IVM turns on your fax machine using a dial sequence that it dials the moment it detects a fax tone. Refer to your fax machine manual. You will find that you can usually turn on the fax feature if you hear fax tones on the line by dialling digits. From the Telephony tab of Settings, select any "Hardware" type line, display the selected line's properties then select the Dial this number option on the "Options" tab and enter the digits that are required by your fax machine.

Not sure if this helps.
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I had this working at one time but it was hit or miss and then not all fax mahines support this very well. I finally went with an outside source that gets you a local or 800 number and faxes come to you by email or you can login and pull down the stored faxes..cost anywhere from 5 to 40 a month its according to the service provider you get..


I used faxmicro.com and got an 800 # 10$ a month flat fee no per page or per minute charges (local number was only 5$ a month). NICE thing is NO BUSY signel so your can receive a lot of faxes at the same time.



Hope this helps.

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