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Grundig devices and portable devices

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We currently sell and install ED for our clients, who use it with different kinds of devices :

- Philips Speech Mike : this works fine since the Philips Speech Mike is recognized by ED ;

- Grundig DigtaSonic Mike : this device is the direct competitor of Philips Speech Mike, but ED is not able to recognize it, and therefore, it is impossible to control ED by using the Grundig DigtaSonic Mike's buttons

- Philips and Grundig portable devices (Digital Pocket Memo for Philips and Digta for Grundig) ; both devices are used with ED by "Docking" the recorder, and using it like any USB Device. But I know both Grundig and Philips have a SDK allowing softwares such as ED to control these devices (for example, the SDK allows any software to automatically download the dictations recorded in the device)


So my suggestions would be :

- Integration of the Grundig DigtaSonic Mike just like what you did with the Philips Speech Mike ;

- Integration of portable devices such as the Philips DPM or the Grundig Digta recorders, in order for the users to avoid clicking on "Dock" to transfer their dictations from the recorder to ED.


I hope these kind of further integration of recording devices will exist in the future since the automatic downloading (and maybe the automatic sending) ar ethe only features that differenciate ED from the Philips' or Grundig's dictation softwares.



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