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IVM Freezes upon Editing OGM


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I am running IVM Pro on a HP PC that has 2 GB RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo 2 Ghz, Hard drive not fragmented, and PC only running IVM. IVM freezes and the IVM window goes blank for about 1 minute when I click on the OGM button to edit my OGMs. After I finish editing an OGM and click ok, IVM freezes again for about 1 minute. I currently have about 150 OGMs on this system. No telephone lines and no pluggins hang and the PC is not even connected to the Internet, so it cannot be a virus.


I thought about re-installing IVM; however, I think that I would need to purchase a new license key. So, I refrained from doing this.


If anyone has an idea, I would certainly appreciate some help. Thank you.


Best regards,



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