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Switch seems quite slow ?


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I use switch to convert .ra files into MP3.


I have a pretty fast PC .. and I notice that when Switch is running it does not use up much in the way of processing power ... dual core PC ... and performance shows CPU's are not running that high, typically less than 40%.


RAM is also shown as only 30%


Now to a numpty like me, I would have thought that if Switch used more processing cycles and more use of RAM then it could do it's task much quicker ?


I don't think it can be disk write limits ... as I have a high speed RAID 0 disk array.


Can you set it's priority, or tweak in any other way.


I'm using v1.24


For example a conversion of a single .RA file - 36Mb (they are always this size) to MP3 VBR 384kb takes 17 minutes.


The PC is a 2.4GHZ 6600Intel Core 2 with 2GB RAM, running VISTA Ultimate 32bit

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