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Trouble with VRS Recorder

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Using VRS Recorder for recording digital channels from AXON PBX.


While using it for internal calls, the connection sometimes drops just after one of the callee picks up the phone. If it not drops in first few seconds, I see the graph of VRS Recorder moving, but its level in the red zone, so the recorded file it totally useless, its full of metal crackling sounds, and it is impossible catch any voice from it. Analog recording (from mic. of the sound card - works fine).


When using it for external calls, via the external SIP server, the call never starts to record.

I hear incoming call, pick up the phone, and got the silence... and verse versa. Without recording feature - everything is working fine.


Using latest versions of AXON PBX and VRS Recorder, both on WinXP SP2. Phones SJPhone and Linksys SPA2102.

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