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Cannot make Internal calls with Axon 1.3


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Incoming and outgoing calls works fine, but if I try to call extension 105 from extension 101,

I only get: "error 503 Service Unavailable" in the log file.


The only way to make an Internal call is to set up an External Line with for example External line name: 123 and have it ring on 105.

No Gateway Server and no password. But I don't think that's the way it's supposed to work.


How can I solve this problem?

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You need to set-up a dial plan that will route calls internally or externally based on the number that was dialed.


As it stands now, when you try and dial extension 105 it is actually telling your VoIP provider that you want to make an outbound call to the number 105. Your VoIP provider then tells Axon that 105 is not a valid external phone number and hence your call does not go through.


What you want to do is to set-up a dial plan and have for example all calls starting with 9 are directed to the external VoIP line, and all other calls (default / if no rule applies) are directed to internal extensions. Once you have set-up a dial plan to that effect, it will help Axon determine how you want calls to be routed based on the number plan / the way the number is dialed.

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