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SoundTap Recorder/Playback


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Yesterday I downloaded SoundTap on the trial basis. As I understand, it is supposed to be a "full featured" trial for a 14 day period. I have "recorded" a piece of music in .wma format that when played back has a womans voice saying "please purchase soundtap". This appears through the entire music recording.


Please, could someone tell me what I am missing here before I uninstall this program.



Thanks in advance.

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The only thing missing is to purchase Sound Tap. NCH allows you to download a trial version of Sound Tap to test the product out....however.....they allow you to record enough of a song to give you an idea of what it can do...BUT...periodically puts in the womens voice "please purchase Sound Tap" reminding you that you need purchase Sound Tap in order to record without any interuptions within the song...if they didn't do this...most people would use the trial version to complete a project and never pay them :( ......I personally have used Sound Tap for over a year now and have thoroughly enjoyed it....I use it to record streaming music and researched everything out there before deciding on Sound Tap.....in short....it's simple, effective and sounds great for what I need in a recorder.......the main thing that sold me on it was that it recorded and played back the exact sound quality as the original sound with no sound degration at all.......almost all other recorders I tried degrated the sound on playback. Hope this answers your question.


Good Luck!


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