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Convert .wav to .mp3 -- Should the MP3 file be smaller size?

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Hello and thanks in advance.


I just downloaded Switch, and then used it to convert a .wav file to an mp3 file.


I thought that mp3 files were smaller in size. But both files are about the same, about 70 KB.


Can someone explain this mystery to me?


Thanks again,



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Yes mp3 files are usually smaller than wav files, but it depends on how the wav file is encoded.

For example, you can create a wav encoded as an mp3, which will be the same as an mp3 file but will have the wav file extension.

You can also encode a wav in PCM which is uncompressed and larger, this is the usual type, or another type such as GSM which is small because it was designed for recording voices.

There are also a variety of different encoder types that can be used with wav

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Dear forum support,


I also just downloaded Switch. I noticed the 5MB .WAV file I converted to mp3 becomes 22MB. I was surprised because wav should be larger than mp3 format.

then I found this post in the forum and realized it depend on how the .wav file is encoded. According to the reply, If it is gsm encoded then it could be larger when convert to mp3.

Indeed the .wav file that I converted was from a mp3 player/recording device of a recorded seminar.


I wonder if someone can tell me:

1) How can I tell which encoding was used on that wav file?

2)if the file was encoded with gsm then is (5mb to 22mb)the right size ratio fro converting from gsm to mp3?

3)if not, did I do anything (like certain settings) or something (I just got this new computer is getting used to all the wierd things in Vista) just went totally wrong during the conversion?


Thanks in advance,

Tina Lin

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