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we are evaluating IVM to answer our voip accounts. When IVM is running and we open XLITE (from www.counterpath.com) to answer calls, IVM stops answering: IVM doesn't sense that there is an incoming call (even though we answer with XLITE after several rings or do not answer at all).


Please consider that if we open multiple copies of XLITE on several computers, they all work, as the voip account is shared. So basically we'd expect IVM to keep working.


When we close XLITE, IVM works again after a while.


How can we solve this?



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VoIP/SIP accounts are not intended to be shared, and most VoIP providers don't allow for this. Instead you are supposed to install a PBX between your VoIP phones/IVM and the VoIP service. The idea is the PBX system is set-up with the VoIP account from your provider as if it is a single phone.


The PBX system then shares out the VoIP line to several devices (softphones such as Express Talk, x-Lite, SIP phones, and software like IVM). Each softphone, SIP phone, or software conencted to the PBX will require it's own extension (which is basically like it's own SIP/VoIP account on the PBX).


Axon is one PBX system you can use to do this. It is free to download from NCH's website ( http://nch.com.au )

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I'm running eyeBeam (upgraded paid version of xLite) along with IVM and it works fine. The eyeBeam phone rings along with the IVM. Of course, IVM picks up the call and does it's thing.


In fact, I have my Voip lines registered to two eyeBeam instances on two different laptops as well as to an Sipura 2102 ATA. They all ring along with the IVM. I'm just now testing out various configurations with IVM and know that this works.


What's your xLite configuration? Can you post your settings?


Also, who's your Voip provider?



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