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Need some help with the program.

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I'm working with v4.12 and I'm trying to set it up so that there is as little user interaction as possible. The doctor's office that's using the application is currently using old Dictaphones and I would like to set up Express Dictate so they use the computer as little as possible while recording. I'm running the program on Windows XP Professional and I'm using VEC USB Foot Pedals.



My questions:


1. Is there a way to automatically send a recording after a certain amount of time once it's complete without having to do it from the computer?


2. I see that there is a voice activated record feature, but I've never been able to get it to work. I couldn't find any information on how it works. Help?


3. There is no choice for a VEC foot pedal control, so I used the infinity foot pedal. Is this the correct choice? Also if that is the correct choice, what does the selection for the "Pedal EOL" mean?


4. Any general advice for setting up the program to work like a Dictaphone? Again, my goal is to keep the doctors from having to much more than log into their computers for dictation.






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