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A SoundTap 'Portable Version'

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Hi, I'm new guy here


I am looking at the trial of version 1.34, I have been playing with SoundTap for some time I use to have verison 1.25 which worked excelent and that was registered to my brother's computer.


SUGGESTION 1 = Wouldn't SoundTap make a great portable application, if all settings were to be written to a single config or .ini file. And also from computer to computer on a USB if SoundTap was to extract its neccessary virtual file to a system folder and then delete that virtual file on exit.


I think directory paths (for saving recordings) could be optionally relative too, who aggrees


SUGGESTION 2 = If all updates and connecting to the internet for additonal components (ie Wavepad) can be turned off, it can be quite frustrating sometimes.


Anyone agree??

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SUGGESTION 3 = Improve any of the Vista support issues as I like many XP users are already migrating to Vista as a second OS on thier system or on business (my workplace) systems :)



Other than that this application rocks and is very precise at picking up sound card audio.... BTW why all these other 'audio recorder' applications are never working and don't record anything at all after specifying correct sound card??

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