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Ringtones on different Lines


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I need a way of having different ringtones for calls inbound on the different lines to make sure that calls are answered correctly.

Is this possible with Express talk? If not can it be added to the suggestions list please!


Also is there a way of integrating it with TAPI



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The only way to interface Analogue lines with Express Talk (which would actually interface through Axon), is to use an FXO adapter such as the Sipura 3102, or a combination of a compatible Telephony board and NCH's own Carousel software.


For the ring-tones, it isn't possible (at least with the current version) to have so called 'distinctive ringing' used by some phone systems to be able to distinguish between different types of calls. Although if you use an FXO adapter such as the SPA3102 to connect to each Analogue line, you can give each line a unique "caller-id" or display name so when there is an incoming call, you can tell which line it is coming from.. still no distinctive ring however.

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