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501 Not implemented


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SPA3000 / SPA3102 GUIDE


Dear The Expert,


Followed from "SPA3000 / SPA3102 GUIDE" what I got the following message :


Register attempt for sip: user@ failed

501 Not implemented.


What I missed?


Please help


Thanks & Regards





If you haven´t solve the problem this is how I did to my spa 3102 adapter


I have just configured 2 SPA3102 in our network.

I used the setup guide of axon instead of the manual of the pinned topic. url: http://www.nch.com.au/hardware/setup/fxo.html

I have the two units working just fine. Configuring like this:

I don't need a extension to ring to the group, the configuration of the external line in AXON is set to group 701.

The things I have different from the setup guide is:


In the SPA3102 Web Configuration:


In the guide they say to Set 'PSTN Answer Delay' to 2. In my case I have to put 4 (For CID to appear)

One other thing is, you must set to No the PSTN Ring Thru Line 1. This let´s the axon manage the incoming call and the phone connect in the FXS port only rings if you set in axon configuration.




Bruno Abreu

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