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Random bit rates wihen fixed rate selected

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:unsure: Hi, In my first attempt at ripping a CD, I selected ".mp3" format and went to "Encoder Settings". Once there I selected "constant Bitrate", "192", checked the "High Quality" box, and selected "Stereo" for Channels (in a second test I used "Force" with the same results). I then ripped the CD. The result was a random series of bit rates where each track seems to have a different setting.


Track 1 = 384kb Mono

Track 2 = 80kb Stereo

Track 3 = 80kb Mono

Track 4 = 448kb Mono

Track 5 = 75kb Stereo


In addition, the sampling rate sometimes was 44100hz and sometimes was 48,000.


Any ideas what is going on?


thanks -- Dan

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