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How do I get ES to type the file?

Guest Gary

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Guest Gary

I just installed ES on a Mac today for the first time. I have the MP3 file loaded, but can’t figure out how to get ES to type the file. I have MS Word opened but all ES does is play the audio. How do i get it to type the file?



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Guest nchpm



Express Scribe is a transcription player; it is not speech recognition software. You manage the receipt and playback of the dictation file with Express Scribe, but a human being has to listen to the playback and key the text into the word processor software.


The Windows version of Express Scribe can be used with speech recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking to produce a draft transcription of the dictation, but this still has to be worked on by a human being to produce the final document. This facility is not available for the Mac version.



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