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does mixpad have shuffle delete and razor cutting for tracks

Podcaster Mike

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i just quit paying adobe but the learning curve is rough on mixpad. i want to cut all tracks in the same spot with a click of a mouse like i did with adobe (razor cut) and i want to just easily move everything right of that to the left and fill in the gap so that my errors can be removed and all the tracks stay synced. it was called ripple delete in adobe. What is it called here?Googling isn't helping so i have to assume its called something else or i just have to manually select all tracks, line up the cursor, split clip and then move drag all of them cause hitting move left doesn't move them just left enough to fill a gap but slams them to the start of the track. This seems so easy in adobe, please tell me it does exist and its just a different button combo, and not that mix pad is just dreadfully slow and inefficient at making frequent cuts in audio.

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