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Export audio files in midi formats from MixPad in order to transcribe the score

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Is it possible in these forums to find clear explanations (in French if possible) about the manner to use in order to export audio files in midi format  from MixPad ? I tried many manners to process around all written possibilities and in all cases the midi file I obtained was empty !!! I am very disappointed by the poorless of indications showed by aids (quite nulls !!!) et very angry by theses kinds of commercial prestations and I have the sensation that I had been stolen !!!!

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I could be wrong, but based on everything I've seen in NCH software, it's unlikely MixPad has the capability you're looking for. That would require analyzing the frequencies and trying to determine all the  notes that are being played and for how long, which is not easy, and then spitting out an attempt at approximating that in MIDI. There are some programs that can do this, but the quality varies greatly and none of them will be error-free, particularly if you're talking about a fully mixed recording of multiple instruments (extremely hard), vs. a single instrument (much less hard, but not easy) or something made up of only single notes (way less hard, but still unlikely to yield perfect results).

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