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File downloading but has 0 bytes

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HELP!!!! My client downloads the file into my FTP site which then is received in my computer as I have set it up to automatically received the files. However, when it gets to my Scribe, the files have 0 (ZERO) bytes - meaning empty!!!. Sometimes, I receive all 50 dictations and they are all 0. I tried going into the FTP site as it is downloading, and when I opened the files that are in the ftp site, they are also ZERO. Somehow, when it's downloading from their computer, it becomes zero. I know that there are dictations because I picked up the dictating machine (Olympus DS4000) from their office... but if I have to do this on a regular basis, it defeats the purpose of electronic system. Can someone please let me know if they are also having this problem. and how you have been able to resolve it.... Thanks so much

Equipment used: Olympus DS 4000 with DSS files



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This has been covered before. There is an issue with DSS (Olympus) files and the latest version of Express Scribe (v4.16). Please install version 4.15 available from http://www.fish4files.com/download.php?fil...4b6347ca6336641.



Hi I'm new to the Forum but thanks very much for the information provided re downloading version 4.15 of Express Scribe. It helped me to load my wma files. Many thanks.

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