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Activation Problems

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This software is great but I've got a problem. I purchased a new computer recently and my "Express Rip" is on the old computer. I've got the registration key and id and everything else but I can't activate it on my new computer. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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Firstly ensure that you're installing the same version that you purchased on to your new computer. Then you will need to completely uninstall the version on your old computer. Now simply use the registration information you received to register the new installation. Ensure that the old copy has been uninstalled otherwise your key may become blacklisted. If you have problems registering with the new copy then please read our registration support page: www.nch.com.au/support/reg.html and if necessary, contact support.

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Aha - this post is the reason I am here. I purchased Express Rip on my old PC and (stupidly) I have lost the email with my ID Key on it. I have an email with my Activation Code but not my ID Key.


How can I find my ID Key?


Many thanks


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