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why can't I play a .dss file?

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I can play back .wav files, but not .dss files. Anybody else have this problem? I just started transcribing from home and this is not a good development!!



i am having the same problem with v4.16 even though i downloaded the codec add on. if you go to the bottom of the homepage and download from 1st mirror, it will give you the 4.05 version and they will play on it, but the sound quality is not near as good.

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There is an issue with version 4.16 of Express Scribe and 1.29 of Switch with DSS playback. The developers are aware of this issue and will be releasing new versions ASAP. For more information please check the relevant software product forum section.

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I am having a similar problem. What is weird is that I bought a new desktop, downloaded v 4.16 of express scribe and it loads and plays DSS files without a problem.


I bought a new laptop one month later, downloaded v 4.16, went to the savefile site to get the true speech codec that I needed for .wav files, which perform properly, but DSS files that work on my desktop do not work on the laptop. Both machines are running Vista home premium, but the laptop version is slightly newer and another fix that had to be made for the desktop, the dll for help files, has been fixed in the laptop version.


I am pleased to see that the problem is being addressed in the software versions to come, but is there anything I can and should do now? BTW, DSS is on my list of files to download.


edit: I just reread roadrunner's post and might try downloading v 4.05 tp see of that helps


another edit: Thanks, Roadrunner. That worked. I have only one client who uses DSS files and fortunately he is a superb dictator, so any difference in sound quality is negligible.

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