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I downloaded an audio file in Real Player and it appears to have an .ivr suffix. Switch returned the error message that it was an unreadable format. I need a solution to be able to play these files on my ipod and thought this was it. I'm running windows xp pro 2e on a pentium 4 and use iTunes to sync with my mp3 player. Please offer any suggestions. I've been working with this for 4 hours now with no success. I don't have the $ to buy programs or software at this time.


This site also offers it's audio programs in wma format, but I don't know how to download that in windows media player. can only play in real time. Would an older form of real player do it for me by downloading the files in an older, format that can be converted? Would another type of software download the wma or .ivr Real files and convert them to mp3 or AAC format?


Thank you,


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