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Convert an .exe audio file to CD

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I've been sent a file that is .exe sound. It opens up on the computer straight away so i can play it there but i cannot convert it to something i can use on my CD player although the website it came from says i can. They say i can convert in Nero but that didn't work so i downloaded NCH, but i'm struggling with that too. I've got two of these files i'd like to burn to a CD, i've attached one if it helps. Can anyone assist me please...oops, dont think it worked. :*)


Kind regards


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A .exe is an executable file... are you certain that it's audio? If it is, it's likely bundled with its own player (which is why it's an .exe), in which case you're probably not going to be able to extract and convert the audio. I suggest you ask whoever you received it from to send you the audio file (and not bundle it with the player), you have a better chance of converting this audio file.


If it must be bundled as an exe, and you're able to 'play' this file, you can use SoundTap to capture the audio and save/convert this easily.

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