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Version 4.02 Released


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Version 4.02 of the VRS has just been released.


It can be downloaded from ftp://ftp.audiochannel.net/software/vrs.zip".


New features include:

~ Ability to search dates in find and play.

~ Ability to play "Recording Started" prompt and recording tones

~ Added recording 'data' to email

~ Ability to edit recording data

~ index.html files are created on folder and ftp uploads

~ vrd files can be sent to folder or uploaded (as an option)

~ VRS Web Control Panel (access recordings via the network / internet)

~ CD burn from find and play

~ Quick file format convert with Switch on Find and Play

~ Improved DTMF detection with optional DTMF settings

~ Improved CPU usage when mp3 encoding

~ Fixed bug with temp files not being deleted


The demo is free of course. If you have purchased and have ID 14500 or higher upgrade is free. For earlier purchases you may need to purchase and upgrade at upgrade pricing see www.nch.com.au/upgrade.

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