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Mac Specific Questions

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Guest Considering purchasing for mac,

Can you use a footpedal to control the dictation in Express Dictate (not transcription). I envision a separate mike (goose neck) with control by footpedal. Is that possible?

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I posted this below, but since you want Mac issues here...


I run Mac OS 10.4.4. When I play back a message that I record with Express Dictate, the message starts playback perfectly, but then mysteriously speeds up about 20 seconds into the dictation. And no, I am not hitting the fast-forward button.

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I have just upgraded to OS 10.5 (I now have the most recent update to 10.5.1) on my MacBook and now am unable to dictate into Express Dictate-the version is 4.04. Interestingly, the interface loads, but whether using my external mic or the internal mic, I see no activity in the status bar. This program worked great on 10.4. I have gone on line and downloaded the latest version for mac. Also, when I have loaded a folder, which it will also do on the interface, if I shut the program down with the folder still in the view box, when I reload the program, the folder is no longer present. I have found no info that states that the version in not 10.5 compatible. I am a registered user but have not purchased the support, and I have not gotten any response to my inquires that I posted with NCH almost 2 weeks ago. Anybody else having probs on OS 10.5. I hope this is not a compatibility issue! I use this program daily in my practice am at a significant loss without it. Hurt'in in Kansas!

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