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HTC P3600 Trinity = Dopod 810

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first of all I have to say that pocket dictate seems to be the one and only professional software for dictating with a pda.


I used a trial version installed on an htc "Magician" = t-mobile mda compact (=dopod 818 ?) device, and it worked at once.


But I want to use the software with an htc P3600 Trinity = Dopod 810, but my problem is, that unfortunately it is not possible to make records. Under "Voice Activated on" the record does not even start. Under "Voice Activated off" the record counter starts, but the level display keeps black. On the other hand, the program is able to play wave-files that are already stored on the device. In my opinion, the program is not able to manage the connection to the built-in microphone.


I asked NCHs support and got the answer that something could be wrong with the microphone settings for input and muting, but I can't find settings like that.


Does anyone know help?





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I have exactly the same problem with pocket dictate on my P3600. Other voice recorders work well, however. So it should be related to pocket dictate.


My only current workaround is to use the Scan-Soft voice recorder to create a wav file (to big for email over mobile), and convert that file with pocket dictate to a dct file. Not very elegant indeed.


So hopefully there is a way to directly use pocket dictate on the P3600 as it is really one of the best programms for dictating on the pocket pc.


Any help is really appreciated.



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HTC is a load of crap


I would never touch their products again


I had mine from new and within a few weeks It started crashing, more and more frequently


I sent it off to their repair centre and they hace had it 4 weeks


each time I try to enquire when i will see it again they never reply


they are a load of crap


best advice dont touch HTC with a barge pole


HTC Diamond Pro HTC Dual HTC 3300 HTC 6300



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it's irresponsibility from nch to sell this software, claiming that it will work for all pdas with ARM based processors !

HTC P3600 is one among them, but as you guys mentioned it's not recording !


If I don't get a reply from nch staff about this, I am going to think about further steps

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