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Teething troubles - too loud, no monitor etc.

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I've just bought a new Dell computer running Vista, and downloaded RecordPad, and I'm new to computer sound recording, so everything is new to me. I'm trying to record a cassette that I'm playing on a high quality Sony cassette deck, connected to the Line In port on the Dell PC. I'm finding that the volume of sound seems far too high - the record level bars are way up to the top of the red, even when I've got the level of the Line In levels turned down to zero in the Sound control panel. Also I find that adjusting the levels in RecordPad seemed to make no difference to the level recorded, nor to the level indicated on the level bar display. Is this what's meant to happen?

Lastly, I'd like to be able to monitor what's being recorded on headphones or speakers while it's recording - is there a way of doing this?


Many thanks for your help - Rowan

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Guest nchto

If you've moved the volume down to zero for that particular channel/input device and you can still hear it then it's likely you simply have the wrong channel. In your Windows Volume/Recording Control window if you go into the Properties you're able to select what playback devices and what recording device to use. If you select the line in as a playback device and unmute it you will hear it through your speakers.

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