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I installed the trial SoundTap V 1.25, and after using and closing the program, my computer's audio stopped working.


I have tried the Control Panel - Audio - Sound Playback fix, which did not work.


I have rolledback and reinstalled my audio drivers, which did not work.


I have no audio from either programs, or system sounds. The only sound I have gotten at all are the confirmation sounds during driver install, and at shutdown.


In addition, the Nvidia NVMixer is showing audio playback on the spectrum analyzer, so I believe the programs and driver are working properly.



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Guest nchto

Ensure that SoundTap is closed properly (Ctrl+Alt+Del and make sure it isn't running) and then check that the program which isn't correctly playing your audio doesn't override the default playback device for Windows (which you say is not set to SoundTap) and that both are set to your soundcard.

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I have the same problem as coug. I don't completely understand the answer of nchto. How can I set the default playback device for Windows to my soundcard? I'm using windows vista. I hope that nchto or anyone else can answer my question very soon.

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