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spa-3000 does not hang up pstn


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Hello all


I have axon with spa-3000 fxo. If i make a (sip to pstn) call phone and

hang up the sip phone first because i get a mail box or something the spa-3000

does not hang up and after filling the persons mail box up rings me back.


The same thing also if if I am talking to someone (pstn to sip) and the sip hangs up first

the fxo does not hang up


I don't think it is the disconnect tone as that works if the pstn hangs up first.


The web interface on the spa-3000 sayes that the sip call has ended but pstn is off hook.


If someone can help would be good



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There are a number of options in the SPA-3000 (it's been a while since I programmed mine) to detect silence and various tones and use that to terminate the call. A lot of class 5 switches will actually open the line for a second when the called party hangs up (to release on hold calls from business systems), I'm not sure if the 3000 has something in there to take advantage of that or not.

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I know nothing about SPA..., but for a FXO device to hanup, it depneds:

1. a busy tone return from remote

2. detect a certain period of slience period.


If you call from pstn, when you hand up, your side will return a busy tone to FXO, so FXO will on-hook.

If SIP hang up first, it seems that Axon doesn't return busy tone to FXO such that SPA still off-hook.

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It is also highly dependent on your location.


For example, in Australia, when the phone is not in use, I believe the remote plays a continuous series of tones down the line (that isn't heard by the consumer), where as in North America the line goes pretty much dead (but still live in terms of voltage).


When someone hangs up on you in Australia, you immediately get a busy like signal, where as in North America you either get a moment of dead silence or it returns you to a dialtone so you can make another call.


On this page http://www.nch.com.au/hardware/setup/fxo.html, NCH has listed the proper disconnect/hang-up settings for Australia, (the defaults on the device are for North America) and you can probably find more configurations online.

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