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No ringing when transfering


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I have just set up Axon with MOH, almost everything works but...

When outside calers are transfert to internal numbers, they don't hear any sound. No ringtone, no music, nothing.

Calers thinks the system hung up.


Internally it works perfect.


Anyone has an idea about a solution for that?



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For me it turned out to be VoIP providers as far as I could tell. With Voicestick the inbound caller hears my MOH. With Magicjack they get silence or get to listen to Magicjack's hold music but not mine. That's actually why I have the Voicestick account so I can provide my own MOH. I think either some VoIP providers block it, don't support it, or are not compatible with Axon. Maybe I'll look at my SIP traces and see if I can find a difference/problem. I know right now there is a bug with Axon that NCH is working on that causes my transferred calls to get dropped when an inbound call comes in from one VoIP provider but not the other. Maybe you guys can post SIP trace logs and someone compare them and figure it out. (I'm no SIP pro, though) Just a thought.

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