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How to load music into player list

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I am having difficulty adding music (.mp3) to the playlist. I've tried adding as the software directs from both a source .mp3 cd as well as from a folder containing the files. I've even dropped the files into the individual music folders for the specific server instance.


No matter what I do...the music does not show up in the library view. I DO get doubled instances of the music appearing in the BMS server folder. e.g. xxxx2.mp3...but the new music does not appear in the playlist.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you could email: jwoollen@saddlewest.com that would be even better.




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I am also having that problem with BMS 4.05 on my new computer with Windows Vista Basic. On the same computer/software also:

I set up daypart volume to dip by 15db between the times of 0:00 and 11:00, not working

The Sample music keeps coming back even though I deleted it over and over

Won't allow me to "run as service"


My old computer with Windows XP Home SP2 runs BMS 3.05 and runs fine.


Are these issues trial version limitations that get unlocked when you buy the full product version? Or is BMS 4.05 not compatible with Windows Vista?


So, will the unlock code work with both versions of BMS?

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