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problem calling an external line

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dear friends,

we installed an axon server and some clients,

everything is almost working but i can't make external calls,


following there are some infos that can be usefull to help me




thanks a lot, Simone



15:48:53 Call 113 -> sip:00393281889852@bhrsrv1

15:48:59 Call 113 -> sip:00393281889852@bhrsrv1 disconnected



15:49:02 Initiated sip call to: 00393281889852

15:49:08 Error. Other side said: Temporarily Unavailable

15:49:08 Call has disconnected



Line Name: eutelia

ID or User Name: 0699.........

Password: *****************

Use Gateway Server: voip.eutelia.it

Outbound Proxy: Use the default server as the outbound proxy

Authentication User Name : Use the default User ID for authentication

Prepend digit(s) to caller ID:



If number starts with: 0 - Remove digits: 0 - Prepend: - Dial on line: eutelia;

If number starts with: 3 - Remove digits: 0 - Prepend: - Dial on line: eutelia

If none of the above applies, dial on line: eutelia



Full 'Friendly' Display Name: Simone


Sip Number: 113

Password: ****************

Local SIP port: 5066

Local RTP ports ... : 8000

STUN server 1: stun.voip.eutelia.it

STUN server 2: stun2.voip.eutelia.it




If i try to call another eutelia number it works

If i try to call an external number with another client (eg: eye beam) connected directly to eutelia (not via axon) it works

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what fxo device? if spa 3000/3102 the caller id part was turned on and would not allow for call out or in, also the ports used on the external line to the fxo on device was needing to be set to the same port number.

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