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New Version Axon 1.20


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Guest nchto

Please read: http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?s=&a...ost&p=13954


The changes to v1.20 are:

Allow multiple redundant VRS servers

Added force relay option

Added relay not required option

Added the ability to save the settings

Added emergency dial mapping

Added reverse dial digits

Added a 2 minute (ringing) 2 hour (hold) time out

Web panel interface improved (tables, login page, extension setup details page, recorder settings page)

Improved pages layout when printed out

Fixed sorting lists

Added auto delete logs

Default use IMS when create new group

Fixed: the 'Use Voice Mail' and 'Transfer Call' options for extensions - check the box(es), enter data, save changes, then go back and uncheck the box(es) and save changes, then go back and check the box(es) again - the previously entered data has disappeared and replaced by default values

Added message waiting subscribe code...

Trying will now be sent only until we get a real response from the other side

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