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call transfer problems, we can't ear after the transfer

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Dear friends,

we installed axon pbx on a server,

and express talk on 2 computers §(we also bought 2 licenses)

we set up everything, we can receive calls and make internal calls.


the problem is that when we transfer a call, the call is transferred, but the call receiver can't hear the voice of the person who's calling.

This problem is solved if the receiver presses HOLD button twice.



1) we call our voip number from the CELLPHONE

2) we answer from the extension 111 and it works (everybody listens eachother)

3) extension 111 transfer the call to extension 112

4) extension 112 answer, the CELLPHONE can hear the voice of the ext. 112 but the ext 112 can't hear the CELLPHONE voice


5) the extension 112 puts on hold the call, and take it back: now 112 and the CELLPHONE can hear eachother



we tried also to answer from the 112 and transfer to the 111, but we had the same scenario.



is it a BUG or we misconfigured anything?

we're ready to buy other 7 clients when this issue is solved.




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