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Dial Dictate on Cisco CallManager or CME?


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Hi, Cisco's latest CallManager and CallManager Express products now support SIP in addition to their skinny (SCCP) protocol.

Has anyone tried to use Dial Dictate on a Cisco SIP implementation?


Many thanks





I have Call Manager 4.3 and got Dial Dictate to work with it this morning using the Demo License, I think I'll be purcahsing this later this week now that I've got the two working together. I did have to create a SIP Trunk for Call Manager to send the Calls to the Dial Dictate Server. If anyone needs help I should be able to provide some examples.


The only thing I've seen that I'd like to find an answer is that Dial Dicatate displays "Server x.x.x.x did not respond to register (sip:1000@x.x.x.x)"

x.x.x.x actually displays my server's IP address but I removed it. 1000 is my Dial Dictate Servers Extension. Please let me know if anyone knows how to stop dial dictate from trying to register with my Call Manager.

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