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Guest nchto

Unfortunately this currently isn't available in Axon. (You might want to add it to the suggested features post.) You can do caller ID blocking with IVM however...

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Hi Metaclassing,


I have reviewed your application needs and I can definitely help you with that.


We are IVM & Axon application developers.


If you wish that I send you a quote for your required application, please email me at: NCH@RgcGlobalTechnologies.com


You can also try to figure it out by yourself. But if you do, do not forget to calculate how many hours you will spend, times(X) how much you cost per hour.


We are fast and not very expensive, so do not worry about that.



Yours truly,


Rene Germain, MCSE

RGC Global Technologies Inc.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


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How in the world do i go about blocking a remote caller based on their number (or the first part of their number), or setting up some sort of rule to direct them to an extension playing a message letting them know the number has been blocked.


Thanks for your time.

Hi Metaclassing,

I'm looking for the same thing. I just want those salesmen to hear a sound from a wav file. I have a long list of unwanted callers in a text file.

Did you manage to get hold of such a program?

For how much?

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