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Sound Card Issues?

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I just purchased a new Dell desktop with Windows Vista Home Premium. I have tried to capture audio thru both Roxio and Recordpad and no sound will record. I called Dell and they said that my basic sound card was not capable of doing this. I then purchased and installed a new Soundblaster Audigy SE 24-bit sound card. I tried again and it still didn't work. I called Roxio and they explained that the capture program would only work with a 16-bit sound card. Is this the case with record pad as well? Having trouble with Wavepad as well. It will open files, but no sound will display so you can't edit files. Anyone else having issues with this? Any advice?

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Guest nchto

Pretty much any sound card these days allows programs to capture audio from it (via the Mic or Line In sockets). Try manually specifying the Record Device and Input Channel in RecordPad and cycle through all the available options and see if you have any success with this. We've tested both programs on Vista using our Dell computers here and they work fine.

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