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MSV files from sony dictation machine

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Guest julian briottet

Hello, recently brought a sony dictation machine, which records MSV files.. I cant find any software to convert that type of file , so that I can play it on my mac 0sx. Does anyone have any info on how to do it. Thanks julian :(:(

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Guest Christian Ingebrigtsen



I've got the same problem with my msv files, needing to convert them to some kind of recognizable file for mac. I've got a pc, but how do I convert the files on the pc? Which programme is the best to use?



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Guest Steve Luke

I too have this problem. It seems unbelievable that Sony would act so arrogantly. Still, that is their karmic problem. Any assistance with alternative methods of file conversion would be most appreciated. slook@ es.co.nz

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Guest Guest_Stephen_*

On a PC, use the FREE program Wave Pad, http://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/ , along with the Sony msv plug-in, http://www.nch.com.au/scribe/sony.html . You can convert the MSV file to any other audio format that the Mac can use.


Does anyone else find it annoying that Sony never learned from their mistakes, most notably the death of Betamax? Proprietary formats hold no future.




Wave Pad


Sony Plug-in

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Hi All,


I realize this post is quite old, but incase anyone else stumbles upon

this when searching for .MSV file conversion (like I did) this may help!


#1 - The software that comes with the newer Sony Digital Recorders, has

....... a built-in converter for .WAV files, yes WAV and it sounds real good!

....... (I have the Sony Stereo Recorder - ICD-MX20).


#2 - For Playing purposes Sony has a Plug-in to play these files in the ever

.......popular Windows Media Player. It may vary for different recorders, so

.......I suggest you visit www.sony.com > Support > Drivers Software >

.......choose your model > download the plug-in & install the plug-in.

.......The recorders naturally comes with software to play these files.


Good Luck,



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