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vonage no longer capatible

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Just wanted to send a quick note about resolved the busy signal problem. Due to the lawsuits Vonage is dealing with they have to make a lot of changes. Last week, my virtual number kept coming up with a busy signal and then on Friday all of my lines were busy as well. It took the whole day but Vonage says they are making a lot of changes that are probably no longer capatible with Dial Dictate or other such software. I only got this answer after I asked for a disconnect. Thus I am switching to other voip and scrambling to put things together. Just wanted to send out a heads up.

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I have been using Vonage for years and just lately, in the last 4 months or so, I am experiencing busy signals or "Line no longer in service" messages. Nice. Vonage blames the software and the server when you first call, but then further investigation they will admit that they are having outages. This is happening for a whole day sometimes, and is now recurring monthly.

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