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Transfer license to new computer

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Guest nchto

You must first completely uninstall our software on the old computer using the Add or Remove Programs option from the Windows Control Panel. Then using the installer you received at the time of purchase install a new copy of the software on the new machine. Now simply enter your license registration and activation code (Name - Location - ID - Key) details into the program. If for some reason the program does not accept your details please send us your full "Name - Location - ID - Key" details from your existing registration and activation code and we will generate you a new Key.

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Hello W4chr, the NCH Software licenses are not transferable over platforms, this means that if you purchase the license for your Android device you cannot use the same license on your Windows or Mac computer.   When you purchased on your Android, iOS or using your Apple ID those licenses are limited to the devices linked to the account you used to purchase.

epat, If you have purchased the license for your Windows or Mac computer then you should be able to download the installer and make a copy of the installer file on a USB drive.  

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I don't think that this user forum will be able to help. Please open a support ticket at https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html

If you provide support with the email address that you used when you made your purchase, they can send you a link to the version of WavePad that you need. The problem is that you're trying to use an old license with the current version of WavePad.


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