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Axon and GXV-3000

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I have a some problem with video.

All devices works when they connected in one local network. We have audio and video.


But when I connect GXV-3000 in other network - we have quality audio but video don`t work. I think that Axon don`t have support for Proxy Video RTP packets. It is very bad. I need help - I need that Axon have this Video Proxy plugin.


Can anybody help me. What can I do?

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that's interesting, I am looking at this options too, if Axon works with video calls on LAN I don't see why it wouldn't work if you put one phone on internet on another LAN (remote), you just may need to open up some more RTP ports on the remote side and also find out which ones the video is using


I am pondering if this phone might be used with door bell if you had camera at the door, you would press ring button there and it would trigger call to the phone which would ring and when you took the call it would display the picture of who is at the door, I wouldn't need door intercom function neccessarily but just phone ringing and picture display, however I doubt very much something like that would be possible, the video from the camera would somehow have to get into the SIP call, I suppose Grandstream company could manufacture such gizmo that would be sort of a subset of this video phone custom built just for this function, door intercom with video, that would be neat and I am sure their sales would pick up


let me know if you succeeded with that remote video, I am very much curious if it works, let me know pls, it might make up my mind buying couple of these phones



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