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Axon and E65

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I've been looking around this forum and also numerous other places but no such look in finding any results!


Can anyone help me, i've recently stated using Axon and i've also just received a nokia E65. The mobile phone has wifi capabilities and also interent phone via sip.


What i am trying to do is setup the nokia e65 as an extension on the axon system but with no such look in getting it to regidter.


Thanks in advance.



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various reason


1. are u able to connect to axon machine, just check the connectivity,


2. just check that firewall is not blocking u from registering from axon


3. just check that extension u are using is correctly created in axon,

check user name and password details


4. if above all things are correct then ur mobile registeration time is too be for



also just check that what details are u feeling in



basic config


1. username axon extension

2 password pass of extension

3. proxy server IP of axon server


4 stun server if u use NAT


hope this help





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I use the Nokia E61


These are the setting I use


assume axon computer is called "iclaxon" with ip of


Public User Name : extnumber@iclaxon

Use Compression : NO

Use Security : No

Proxy Server address :

Realm : axon@iclaxon (this seems very important to get right!)

User Name : extension nuumber

Password : password

Allow Loose routing : Yes

Transport type : auto

Port : 5060

Registrar Server :

Realm : axon@iclaxon

User Name : extension number

Password : password

Transport Type : Auto

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Well, I was having a similar problem with my new N95... and thanks to you guys, I've managed to get the phone to register, and I can make calls from my N95, however calling extension 107 (which the N95 is regisistered on, via WLAN) just rings out, with no response from the phone.

Any ideas?

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