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I'm trying to launch IVM.exe (from a perl program) and have it simply call a list of numbers stored in a text file. The instructions online say:


Command Line Options


Command line options are used to control the running of IVM from a batch file or another application. The following options are supported:




-outboundlist filename

replaces the list of outbound call phone numbers with the list in the file filename
Which is what I want to do
)and starts dialing the list. The list should be in the format


example: 5551234567;5559876543;5551111111;5552222222;5553333333;(01) 55554444444;(02)5557777777


[NOTE] all my phone numbers are located in a text file called: CALL_NUMBERS.txt


My perl code simply says:

system("ivm.exe -outboundlist CALL_NUMBERS.txt")


Now when the code executes, IVM.exe comes to the forefront and the log says: outbound is active

Yet, the numbers are not populated, and no phone calls are executed.


Now, if I try it directly from the command line I get the exact same problem.


[NOTE] The CALL_NUMBERS.txt file is located in the same directory as my perl program.


Does anyone have a clue?


Perhaps your not a perl guru, thats okay!


Simply create a text file called CALL_NUMBERS.txt


Goto your command line and type


IVM.exe -outboundlist C:PATHTOFILE/CALL_NUMBERS.txt


Does it work for you?


Any and all help is much appreciated!! Also, if anyone knows how to clear the outbound call list from the command line that would help with the immediate work around. Thanks much!



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