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Ripping "Custom" CDs and Various Artists

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I mainly rip "custom" CDs, often various artists, and I have not been able to find any software that supports this.


As with all the others, your software insists on one artist, one album title, then goes to search it on a database.


I would like the following when I rip an CD:


- Tracks go into the directory where I choose without creating any sub-directories

- Tracks have format [Artist] - [Title].mp3 (eg "Earl's Band - Rhapsody In Purple.mp3" )

- Tags written as appropriate.


You have custom file-naming formats but only when the album was searched on a database. My CDs

will often not be found on any such database.


I would like to be able to enter the artist and title of each track and for this to automatically be saved

into the tags for each track.


This should be available via a checkbox option, i.e. a "various artists" checkbox, which would allow

you to enter a different artist for each track.

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