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I purchased soundtap in order to record voice chats . But I have to say I am having headache. it records the chat second per second. by this I mean it record 1 seconds stops and records 1 second and stops. So the sequence is 'record stop record stop record stop 'and the time interval is about 1 second or a couple of seconds. I mean what can I do with this? I have got the full version hoping that this will not happen, but it is not the case. yet from the info provided, it seems to be the righ tool for the job.


The other problem i have is with 'find and play'. Because i have got 100s of recordings with about 1 second each, I selected more than 1 hoping that they could all be played together, but it is only one that is played i.e. 1 second recording.


I have been trying to use wavepad to try and mix them but i am only allowed to select one recording at the time. This means that I will need to spend a whole day adding 100s of seconds of recordings. this is a real nightmare.


Can anyone help please?



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