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ST stops recording after an hour or so

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I got ST the other day. Seems to work ok for recording files that are a few minutes in length. But today I tried to record a 3 hour streaming radio show. It stopped after 78 minutes. Music was playing when it stopped. When I came in at 3 hours (I had the listen while recording turned off) it seemed like it was still recording, but when I began to playthe file it indicated only an hour and 18 minutes.

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Also, I've noticed when recording after a while the voice I am recording will start to sound distorted, almost like it is slowed down.



I noticed that this happened while I was listening when I got a notice that an email was received. Yesterday, I changed my settings so that the screensaver won't kick in, I turned off all other programs, and I turned off the monitor and I was able to record for 2 hours without a hitch.

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