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Uplink attaching to skype and sip, showing call being dialled, but not using sip provider

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Wanting to see if anyone else had this problem with their first install..


I get it attaching to skype, registering with the sip server, when I dial with skype, uplink shows that it is dialling, however when the call goes through, the cost comes off my skypeout credit, not my sip provider. This is an unregistered version as I wanted to see it work before I bought it. Is this as far as the unregistered version works, or some other limitiation. Or am I doing something wrong? I'd love to buy it as soon as I see a skype call go out via a voip provider. I am using skype in numbers at this point, so have only registested one sip provider in the options.


I'd love to buy it and a support ticket first, but I have just tried 2 other audio sip<>skype gateways, one of which I assumed would work straight up and bought it, both crashed a server I installed on. So I am very hestiatant to shell out again. This is on a vanilla xp pro workstation using uplink 1.3


It looks so close to working!



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