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TUTORIAL: Grandstream SIP Phone adapter

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I only have a brief moment right now to write this up, I will come back and edit this post, and update it and make it big and nice and complete, but for the meantime, here is the Quick Start Instructions:



I personally use the Grandstream Handytone 286, but if you own a 486 or similar adapter, you will find the same principals apply. (The same thing applies to WIFI SIP Phones, except you just change your settings on your phones display LCD)


Step 1. Make sure your SIP adapter is already setup and working, and can place normal SIP phone calls.


Step 2. Log into your SIP adapter via the Web Interface. Mine is a static IP address, so for me its: Just use any normal web browser to login.


Step 3. Make necessary changes to your configuration. For me the only change I needed to make, and this

will probably fix 99% of you guys problems out there - SIP PROXY.

NOTE: When you make this change, you will have to change it back to your old setting, in order to use your

adapter when Uplink isn't running!




Step 4. Configure you AXON PBX program with the Speed Dials, as posted on these forums!

Without this step, your sip phone will get confused.

Link to topic:

Uplink & Axon Settings


Step 5. Testing it all out: Dial a speed dial number, for example your Home phone, by picking up your handset and

dialing 1# for example. Now you should see Uplink and Axom talking, and then you should see

Skype proceed to make the call.


I will update this into a comprehensive tutorial. So keep a watch on this post.

Hopefully when I am done, someone can sticky it.


Sorry for any typos, this is just a rough draft. I am not endorsed, or affiliated by NCH Software, Skype or any of their

respective trademark or copyrigth holders, this is just my opinion expressed and it does not necessarily reflect the opinion

of this website or it's owners. I do not visit here regularly so please keep your questions limited to the public forums, I simply

don't check my private messages on here often at all.

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