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Can't burn CD's


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I am using WinXP home and a DVD/CD burner from Pioneer (DVD/RW DVR-111D, upgraded to latest version of rom. Ver 1.29).


Before I bought ExpressBurnPlus I managed to burn a CD from a iso-file.


But now, when I try to burn normal data CD's it fails everytime... I trys a short time, then suggests I try an other CD or lower speed... I did that, but it did'nt help.


When I use the burning function from WinXP, it functions OK.


I followed the troubleshooting guide on web, and it asked me to contact NCH, with my drive details. However there was no option for that on board, so I am trying here...


Well, at least it was'nt very expensive ;)




Kurt Sørensen

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I am the developer of Express Burn. Have you tried the latest version 3.0 whci fixed a lot of errors.


Also can you let me know the drive you are using and the brand of media (ie blank disk). There are a lot of compatibility issues between brand of disk and drives and some burn errors are fixed by trying a different brand of media.


If version 3..0 does not help please contact me

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