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Error Message on Express Burn v. 2.02

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Running a 3 year old Dell, Windows XP SP2, attempting to burn .WAV files to an audio CD. When attempting to burn it I am receiving the following error message: "Burn has failed (Set Write Mode Failed). Please try another disk or try a lower speed."


I have tried every speed and don't know what my next step should be. I have a free burner that came with the computer, but prefer using this one.


I unfortunately did not use this product until after my 1 month support expired.


Any thoughts out there?



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I am the developer of Express Burn

Please could you also try version 3.0 of Express Burn and let me know how it goes


I attempted updating my version but could not. I tried going to "Help", then "Check for Updated Version...". A dialog box displays for a split second then disappears, and nothing happens. I appreciate any help with this. Thanks

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Having similar issue, which I see is not unusual..


starts the burn process, stalls, ejects disk "failed, slower etc.. "


tried all settings.. new firmware..


trying to burn AVI files to DVD.. is this supported in the free version? Does it expire after 15 days? (see no clear info on those topics.. )'


Win XP/ gig ram/ all non essential programs off Pioneer DVD-RW DVR111-D, tried Memorex DVD-R and TDK DVD-R.. 6 coasters..


tx 4 ur tm B)

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