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must often reboot to record

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I purchased SoundTap a few weeks ago and I've been playing with it a lot during that time, both on my home computer and work computer. The home computer is a PIII 500 MHz from 1999. It works on there, but the sound quality is considerably poor. My work computer is a T2300, 1.66 GHz.. this year's model and much, much faster. Recording on it gives a much greater quality...definitely satisfactory, and when working right, this program rocks.


One problem I have on both computers.. is that sometimes, SoundTap just simply doesn't work without rebooting. I've tried to notice a common thread, but so far, I can't. Just this morning, I fired it up, started recording.. someone came over to my desk, so I shut it down. I then, exited my browser, restarted it and could not record anything. I went into Control Panel Sounds, verified that SoundTap was being used, tried switching it back to the original sound driver, restarting SoundTap, starting SoundTap with both drivers before and then after the browser was open.. basically any combination I could think of. Nothing. If I reboot, I can get it working again.


It doesn't make sense that I can't get it to work again without rebooting. Something has to be happening to make that happen.. but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what that is. Anyone experience this? I have to assume it happens to others, since I've reproduced it on both computers. Just gets frustrating. Unlike home, I can't just reboot at work anytime I like, so I thought I would ask?!!



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